Trade Centre Approved by City of Markham

It is with a great deal of excitement that I am happy to announce that Convention Centre, Trade Centre, Hotel and other uses were approved by the City of Markham in May 2015. There are still some changes required by the City and expect that completion date could be 2017 to 2018.

In the meantime we are looking to hold a Conference and Trade Show in one of the fine hotels in Markham shortly after the Chinese New Year, February 8th in 2016.

I am very encouraged that we have had interest expressed by 10 Countries and 30 cities. Also there is high degree of interest of local businesses and services. I will be providing more information as we move along. I would really like to know if this would be a good time for you to travel to Canada for I imagine to be a two day trade show with some great speakers and exhibitors. Then the rest of the week could be used for meeting with businesses or looking at real estate for your business. Also meeting service individuals that could help you with your business in Canada. There will also be businesses from Canada and other countries looking to do business in your country.

If you are interested in coming would you be interested in renting a booth for show to show off your counties opportunities.

There will also be an opportunity to look at some permanent space in the trade centre that could be rented or bought. With the large number of delegations coming to Markham each year this would be a great place show a strong presence. We also expect to have some offices for start-up businesses that could work nicely with our board rooms and audio-visual equipment for the Trade Centre.

We are still hoping to get a internet TV station which would be able to advertise your Countries/Cites and the advantages to locate. We will also maintain a library with material on each location as supplied.

Thank you for past interest I hope we can push forward now and provide a strong link with all our economic alliances.

Gordon Landon
President of Markham International Trade Centre

Markham International Trade CentreTrade Centre Approved by City of Markham